Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Prepare for Isaac

Re: Tropical Storm Isaac Preparation

As Tropical Storm Isaac approaches the southeastern US, it is expected to intensify and become a hurricane. We wanted to make sure you and your personal and business insurance customers are aware of the steps you can take to stay safe and our claim response plans as the storm approaches.

Safety for individuals

  • Create a disaster plan. Plan an evacuation route in advance and determine where you would go if you were told to evacuate.
  • Prepare a survival kit. Stock up on drinking water, non-perishable goods, a first-aid kit and medicine for everyone including your pet. Include extra clothing, blankets, batteries, flashlights and a portable radio.
  • Conduct a home hazard hunt and make your home as safe as possible. Secure all outdoor objects such as garbage cans and lawn furniture. Close storm shutters and board up all windows.
  • Review how to shut off utilities in an emergency with all family members.
  • Locate important papers and documents and have them ready to take with you should you need to evacuate. Protect documents in plastic storage bags if you're remaining in your home.
  • Make sure you have insurance policies with claim contact information, an inventory of your home’s contents and cash.
  • Ask an out-of-state friend to be your family contact. After a disaster, it's often easier to call long-distance than to make a local call.
  • Finally, leave promptly when ordered to evacuate. Leaving too late or not leaving at all only endangers yourself and others.Barrett Hill Insurance

Friday, July 1, 2011

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Copper Thefts

Copper Thefts at Church and Home
There have been numerous reports of Air conditioner thefts in our area. Thieves are stealing the AC for the copper in them to resale. Protect your homes and churches. Home insurance and Church insurance do cover the thefts but can lead to higher insurance premiums. Is your home or Church protected? If you have questions call us for a fee rate quote on your insurance. Hill Insurance Agency-Barrett Hill Agent.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cancelled Home Insurance

Rates Increases on Home Insurance
Is your insurer cancelling or non renewing you? Are you blindsided by the rate increases? Don't understand why big insurance companies can keep raising rates and you have not had any claims. Well here's the scoop. Insurance companies rely on making a making a profit from the sale of insurance. When claims exceed the amount of premium that they take in somehting has to happen for them to stay in business. Many carriers rely heavily on REinsurance- insurance for insurance comapnies. If an insurance company cannot make a profit then guess what has to happen to rates for them to stay solvent. With all of the claims we have had in our areas since '08 carriers have struggled to break even. You will continue to see rates stay high and even increase over the next year or so. Since most rates are set geograpically you may not have had a claim but if many others in your area have then your rates will go up also. Many of the large carriers have already taken rate increases. Can you shop? Should you shop? There are advantages to shopping. Call us today and let us give you the top 3 reasons to shop your home and auto insurance. We make insurance quick, simple and easy to understand.
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